Role Of The Government In The Hotel Industry


Governments are in one way or another connected to every kind of business that goes on in their respective countries. This is through the taxes and revenues that are generally collected from the said businesses. For instance, companies which have a high number of wildlife have an added advantage in the sense that tourists flock in their countries for that same purpose of viewing the said wildlife. It is hence the responsibility of the governments to make sure that the security of the said tourists and that of their property is looked after. This in one way translates to building confidence in the tourists in the sense that they will free to come back to the country any other time. Alternatively, the tourists may recommend the said countries to their friends, family members and other relatives who have the interest of viewing wildlife. This then translates to an increased number of taxes and revenues since the tourists will use services in the countries.
The said revenues and taxes have been of great help in development of projects such as infrastructure, security among others. The governments might however use alternative sources which might provide relief as much as the issue of security is concerned. The said sources may include the World Bank or other developed countries. The money is then returned after a certain time with the said interests. It is also the responsibility of the governments to ensure that they create a suitable environment that would attract investors from within or outside the countries. The said investors can invest in the transport sector (transporting the tourists), the hotel and accommodation in Sunshine Coast Mooloolaba sector among others.
The government ought to take steps in ensuring that some of its legal formalities associated with opening up of businesses have been simplified for the purpose easy delivery to the said investors.Some governments have made this easier by the introduction of digital systems in all their institutions. These systems have enabled investors to open up their desired businesses since most of the job is done online. The systems are also efficient in the sense that the payments are done electrically hence minimizing any chances of losses. The systems have also been able to deal with the issue of corruption since most of the activities are done virtually. This has in one way or another attracted the said investors in the sense that most of them really don’t like corruption since much of their money is lost in it.
The governments have also created good communication networks which the said investors have used in creating websites which advertise on their holiday accommodation services. The websites have covered a bigger area in the sense that they are viewed globally. They have also provided a platform through which the tourists get to know of the hotels and choose the best from them. With all these in place the respective governments have been able to collect a lot of revenue and taxes from the businesses and tourists year after year.